MMSI Radio license

Registering MMSI and EPIRP

for VHF, AIS, radar and EPIRB

MMSI Radio License

MMSI, a nine-digit number for vessel radio gear like VHF, AIS, and DSC, IDs ships, enabling vital communication of location, course, and speed. It’s a global identifier for search and rescue, coast guards, and maritime authorities during emergencies.

for MMSI required are:

  • Copy of CE Declaration of Conformity
    for all radio listed in the application form (this usually can be obtained from the manufacturer or the distributor of your radio equipment) 
  • Copy of your Polish Registration Certificate 
  • If an applicant is a private individual, not a company: Copy of valid personal radio operator license/certificate  issued to the applicant. 

    The radio operator’s license must be issued by a government institution, any other certificates or radio training certificates are not accepted. Only Royal Yachting Association’s Certificate is exception.

after contacting us we will provide:

  • application form for a ship radio license
  • power of attorney: consent to be represented in the Polish Office of Electronic Communications 

Registering EPIRB

If you are declaring EPIRB in your MMSI aplication, you are obligated by Polish law to register it also with the Polish Civil Aviation to enhance your emergency locatability. If you already possess a Polish MMSI number, you are eligible to initiate the EPIRB registration process.

for EPIRB required are:

  • Producer, model and serial number of the device
  • Three-digit Cospas-Sarsat certificate number 
  • MMSI number and UKE DC.WML decision number
  • Activation type – automatically or manually
  • SENDER IDENTIFICATION CODE hexadecimally coded with the Polish ID number 261
  • Boat’s name, hull color, length, Home port and maximum number of people on board
  • Owner information (according to the Polish registration certificate)
  • contact address 

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The license allows you to use the following equipment: VHF Radio, Radar, AIS, EPIRB and radar transponder. It assigns the number needed to operate correctly.  Process takes up to 6 weeks and it is obligatory to have Polish Registration Certificate.


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