Navigating New Waters: Poland’s Updated Yacht Registration Law 

Overview of Legislative Changes

Poland’s recent legislative changes in the yacht and vessel registration process are set to make a significant impact on both domestic and international boat owners. The ‘Act of 12 April 2018 on the registration of yachts and other vessels up to 24 meters in length’ came into effect on 1 August 2020, introducing streamlined processes and new registration authorities. This article will provide an overview of the changes in Poland’s yacht registration law and their implications for boat owners.

Mandates of the New Law

The new law mandates the registration of yachts and other vessels with a length of more than 7.5 meters or motor-driven boats with an engine power of more than 15 kW, not exceeding 24 meters. However, vessels exclusively intended for regattas and sports competitions, as well as vessels propelled solely by human power, are exempt from registration.

Simplified Registration Process

Previously, boat owners in Poland registered their vessels with a sports association, an admiralty court, or a maritime office, depending on specific criteria. The new law simplifies this process by designating only two types of registration authorities: the starost (local administrative head) and the relevant Polish sports association. This change aims to facilitate the registration process for both domestic and foreign vessel operators or owners who wish to register their craft under the Polish flag.

The new law introduces a revised fee structure for administrative procedures related to yacht registration. These include fees for registration and issue of the registration document, amendment to the registered data and the issue of the registration document, issue of a duplicate of the registration document, and issue of a certified copy of or extract from the registry of yachts. The registration authority must record the vessel in the registry or decide not to register the vessel within 30 days from the submission of the complete application for registration.

Aim of the Updated Law

The updated yacht registration law in Poland aims to simplify and streamline the registration process, making the Polish flag more attractive to both domestic and international boat ownersCentralizing the registry and improving cooperation with external entities, the new legislation aims to enhance the safety of the legal system. Boat owners should take note of the changes in the law and ensure they register their vessels according to the new requirements to avoid any legal complications.

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